SNOW - selfie, motion. The best selfie app

Meet an awesome camera app with which you can do a lot of fun, exciting and goofy things. Snow is an app originating from South Korea and it has gained a lot of positive reviews since its release. The app is very similar to Snapchat in terms of uploading videos or pictures in the form of stories with filters and stickers. The app has a lot of similarities to Snapchat with several additional features. Snow has unique features like making pictures GIF and having over 100 animated stickers to have fun with.

The installation process is very simple. All you have to do is go to the following link depending on whether you are an Android or iPhone user. Click on the install button and it is done. It is easy to use the app for the first time without any guide. You would have to log in using your Facebook or Line account. There is another option of signing up with your email. Then you have to set your account ID. After this process you just have to enter find out which stickers you would like to use and experiment with them.


  • Free
  • Share stories on your storyboard or with friends.
  • Wide variety of stickers.
  • Fun animated GIFs, filters, pictures and videos.
  • Instant response to chats.
  • Media Files sent to friends can be replayed only within 24 hours.
  • Receive notifications if anyone takes a screenshot

The Snow app is absolutely free for installation. It allows you to share pictures and stories on your storyboard or directly to friends. There are plenty of stickers to choose from. The variety of choice makes this app a unique one. You can choose funny or adorably stickers ranging from the topic of food, animals, emotions, face swapping and much more. Another unique feature is the animated GIFs

Users can share these pictures not only in the app but also on other social networking sites. The pictures sent to friends are self-destructing with a 24 hour life. However this is if you haven’t replayed what you sent. If you do replay what you sent then it can be done only once before getting deleted. You can also set the timer for self destruction of your stories. Another feature of Snow is that it notifies you when a screenshot is taken.

We have talked about what Snow can do. Now let’s see what Snow cannot do. The app doesn’t allow you to send pictures from your gallery. You have to take a picture or video and send it. It doesn’t allow you to use video call. The quality videos also have a room for improvement.

Snow is a fun app with a lot of goofy, cute, lovely, funny, exciting and adorable stickers and filters. There are a lot to choose from and you would find yourself spending time exploring them because of the variety of choices. So if you think you would enjoy this app go ahead, install and experiment with this app.